Deputy Fire Chief - City of Kennewick

Kennewick, Washington, United States | Full-time


WFCA Confidential Recruitment 

Our obligation as a recruiter is to seek candidates who are most aligned with what we believe the agency is searching for. It is our goal to provide you, the candidate, enough insight during our process so that you can evaluate your professional risk when moving forward in the formal hiring process. After we debrief with the agency, we’ll provide you with an assessment of alignment via email and instructions on how to move forward.  

How to Express Interest

Click on the apply button and submit your information. Please note, you are not officially applying for this position at this point in the process. You are merely expressing interest to our confidential recruiting team. The City of Kennewick's hiring process will begin after our process has officially closed. Their process is expected to begin early September. For more information about our process and this position, please visit our website:


WFCA Confidential Recruitment Schedule 

1. Advertise Candidate Profile / Seek Expressions of Interest (June 2 - July 2)

2. Screen Candidates & Informal Phone Interviews (by mid July) 

3. Debrief Recruitment Results to Agency (late July) 

4. Assessment of Alignment (early August)